Great Lengths After Care

One of the reasons Great Lengths are so popular is the ease of the after care and maintenance. This is due to the high quality of the hair and bonds. Once explained to clients it becomes as easy if not easier as caring for your own hair.

After Care Shampoo & Conditioning;

The hair needs to be shampooed at least once a week. We recommend that you use a shampoo that sulphate free and of salon quality in order to protect and prolong your hair extensions. When conditioning, again conditioner needs to be sulphate free and of salon quality. It is important that you do not apply conditioner or masks to the bonds as it will weaken them. Apply the conditioner to mid lengths and ends only! And as always be sure to rinse thoroughly as to not leave any residue in the hair.


Drying is a critical phase in tha after care process for your Great Lengths hair extensions. Gently squeeze out excess water with your hands and then hold sections of the hair and blot dry with a towel. It is crucial the you do not dry the hair in the towel with a scrubbing motion, this can weaken the bonds and the cause the extensions to become lose and fall out. Just remember; blot dry!


Always use a soft natural bristle brush when brushing your Great lengths. They have a wide range of their own brand brushes  and we would be more than happy to recommend one for you. Regular and thorough brushing is recommended to avoid tangling and matting of the hair. Do not use a comb – especially on the bonds. This is a common mistake in the after care process and can cause the bonds to fall out.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions After Care

Bond Separation;

It is a natural progression for hair growth and the hairs life cycle for you to lose up to 100 hairs a day. These hairs can remain entrapped in the bonds and cause a matting effect. To avoid this, the bond should be pulled apart once a week as part of your after care process.


Blow drying and styling can be carried out as normal on your Great Length Hair Extensions. Just ensure not to point the heat of the dryer onto the bonds. Always ensure the bonds are dried properly after washing and ever before tying up. Straighteners and curling wands/tongs can also be used as normal, but again, ensure not to apply the heat directly onto the bond, straighten or curl from 1cm below the bond.

See it’s Simple!
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