A little bit about Great Lengths Hair Extensions…

Great Lengths Hair Extensions can be described as the ‘Bentley’ of Hair Extensions. They are top of the range and of the highest quality.

The Hair;

The company only uses 100% human hair and it is 100% ethically sourced.
This ensures that they are of the highest quality and are perfect for building volume, adding dimension and applying texture. The possibilities are really endless!


They are applied using keratin bonds. Keratin is a natural substance already found in your hair. These bonds are applied using both hot and cold methods. The hot is only applied to the bond and the cold is only applied to the natural hair, therefore not damaging the hair. This results in a natural looking style that is easy to manage.


When properly taken care of great lengths extensions can last up to 6 months. This involves using the correct shampoos, conditioners and hair brushes, which we can advise you on in the salon.
The only downside to having these hair extensions is once you start you can’t stop!

Take a look at a sample of the Great Lengths work we carried out in the salon below.

The first client was looking  to build volume and add length and the second client just wanted to add fullness. Both looks were easily achieved by utilising a variety of techniques with the extensions.

Great Lengths Length and Fullness

Great Lengths Fullness

If you would like to find out more information about Great Lengths or to book a consultation call the salon on (021) 438 4716. You can also visit our Info Page where we answer FAQs about the service and you can even request to book your consultation from this page using the contact form.

Alternatively you can visit the Great Lengths Website to find out even more information.

Hope this answered some of your queries.

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