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Our blog is designed to give you invaluable advice on all things hair. Our stylists are each experts in their own area and are here to share their expertise with you. Michaela will discuss all things Curly hair from curly hair care, curly hairstyles and curly hair products. Danielle will talk about Great Lengths Hair Extensions, Leah is all about the short hair and hair care & Mel is our make up expert ready to share her wealth of knowledge with you.

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Great Lengths hair extensions

Why Choose Great Lengths Hair Extensions?

Deciding on what brand of Hair Extensions to go with is a tough decision and one we are regularly asked about in the Salon. However, we always give the same answer in that Great Lengths are by far the best hair extensions in the market in terms of quality and value for money. If you are considering Great Lengths Hair Extensions read this post to find out what makes them the top choice.

Great Lengths After Care

The after care process for Great Lengths Hair Extensions is rather simple. With just a few basic steps you can ensure you maintain the high quality of the hair and prolong the time your extensions last. The steps we cover in this blog post include; shampooing, drying & brushing among others. Read on to find out more...
Blonde Toners Purple Shampoo

Toners by Michaela

Have you ever wondered what a toner is or how or when to use it? Well then I am here to help. In this post I give you some simple insight into what a toner is and what benefits a decent toner can do for you. In short a toner can be used to enhance or reduce colours in your hair depending the look you are going for. So read on to learn more about toners and how they can help you achieve and enhance your desired look.

Great Lengths by Danielle

Are you looking to add volume or length to your hair? Have you considered Great Lengths Hair Extensions? If not read this post to find out the ease in which they can be applied and take a look at a variety of looks we styled in the salon. At the Style House we are fully qualified in Great Lengths so you know you're getting a good service.
Curly Hair Care

Curly Hair Care by Michaela

Are you sick of battling with your curly hair? Not sure how to regain control of that frizz and curly nightmare? Well I'm here to help as I've been battling my curls for years and have picked up a couple of tips and tricks along the way. So if you have curly hair and need some help managing it, click on this post for my top tips.

Summer Hair Care by Leah

The summer can be dangerous not only for your skin but your hair too. Sun, chlorine and salt water can all damage your hair and cause your colour to fade. To avoid damaging your hair this summer, read my tips and tricks in this post. These are simple things you can do to protect your hair this summer and stay looking fabulous.

Summer Make Up Tips by Mel

The summer can be notorious for wreaking havoc with your make up. But fear not, as I am here to share my top tips to keep you looking your best this summer. In this post I discuss how to avoid that 'Cakey' look and maintain a lighter and more suitable look this summer by subbing in subtle and seasonal tones.

Salon Vs. Supermarket Shampoos

Salon Quality Shampoos have a wealth of advantages over their Supermarket counterparts. Salon Shampoos keep your hair healthier, maintain your colour for longer and believe it or not they are kinder on your pocket too. In this post we compare Salon and Supermarket Shampoos allowing you can see the benefits for yourself.