Summer Hair Care Tips by Leah

Summer Hair

Seeing as there is a rare heatwave forecast for the next week or two, we thought it would be a good time to share our top tips and tricks on how to protect your hair this Summer. Sun, chlorine and salt water leave our hair feeling dry, looking frizzy and faded.
So wether your lucky enough to be heading away to the sun or enjoying it at home, follow these tips to protect your hair this summer;

Wear a Summer Hat;

Poke that summer hat out! This keeps the sun rays away and prevents your colour from fading.

Use UV Protection;

Just like your skin, your hair needs UV protection. These usually come in spray form to be applied after the hair is washed. These UV protection sprays also create a shield against chlorine and salt water, giving you full protection.


If you are prone to frizz then you know it gets worse in the hot weather. To combat frizz you must block out the humidity. You can do this with an oil which works to leave your hair softer and smoother creating a barrier from humidity, preventing frizz.

Hiding that Grease;

In the hotter months we sweat more leaving the natural sebum on the scalp to travel throughout the hair. We recommend using an absorbent dry shampoo. We are loving the new Style Stories Texturizing Dry Shampoo at the moment and this is available in the salon.  Dry Shampoo

Air Dry;

Blowdrying gives the hair intense heat. Combine this with the heat it experiences from the sun and it causes the hair to dry out, making it easier for breakages to occur. Ditch the hair dryer on holidays and leave the sun work its magic to use your natural texture.

Repair the Hair;

When going to the beach or pool during the day, shampoo your hair and apply a moisturising mask. The heat will help penetrate the mask deep into the hair helping to repair the hair and add the moisture back that has been lost from the sun. Simply rinse it off in your evening shower.

If you would like to find out more or are interested in any products to save your hair from the summer elements, pop in to salon and talk to one of our stylists or call us on (021) 438 4716, we are more than happy to help.

Hope these tips help you on your travels,

Enjoy your summer,

Leah x

Summer Hair