Do you know the difference between Salon and Supermarket Shampoos?

If not, were here to help. We are regularly asked about the differences between salon and supermarket shampoos in the salon so we wrote a short blog post explaining the differences. Take a look below to find out more.

Salon Shampoos:
  • Are more concentrated so you use less per session – bottle lasts longer.
  • Contain very little to no sulphates at all which is better for your hair. Sulphates are what make the shampoo lather to give the impression the hair is clean when it is not.
  • Help maintain colour and prevent cosmetic colour from fading.
  • Are UV protective.
  • Help with thermal repair of the hair from over styling.
  • You only need to wash your hair 2-3 times a week.
  • Contain essential ingredients such as vitamins, oils and minerals for repairing the hair from the outside in.
  • Are created with performance being number one priority and a range of different types of shampoos are designed in order to suit every hair type and texture, and to tend to the needs of every hair type.
  • You use less of salon shampoos every week and with every wash and the colour lasts longer. It keeps you hair in good condition, repairing it with every wash therefor you pay less visits to the hair salon resulting in you saving money in the long run!

Salon Shampoo

Joico Salon Shampoo
Supermarket Shampoos:
  • Supermarket shampoos are diluted which means more water, more sulphates and fillers with fewer vitamins, oils and minerals
  • Leave a residue on the hair which can make the scalp oily and feel unclean soon after washing.
  • Can prevent colour from taking and can also prevent colour from lasting.
  • Are generally detergent based which means they lather up and give the impression that they are cleaning the hair when really they are cleaning the hair from the outside in giving the impression the hair is properly washed when really it is not.
  • Even though they may be cheaper than salon shampoos you use more in order to create a lather in the hair while you also need to wash your hair more often as they don’t wash your hair properly. Therefor resulting in you needing to buy them more frequently. With this supermarket shampoos strip the cosmetic colour in your hair resulting in you having to visit the salon more often overall resulting in you spending more money in the long run.

Supermarket Shampoos

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