Toners by Michaela

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Michaela here, and I’m going to run through a few things to do with Toners and how you can use them to achieve and enhance your desired looks.

So, what is a toner?

A toner is a treatment that helps to correct or personalise your colour. It can be used to add natural or more crazy, vibrant colour tones to your hair. It is simple to use and is often added into your shampoos.

A toner allows your hairdresser to personalise your colour by making it warmer or cooler depending on your desired look. A toner can also correct unwanted tones or add a pop of fashion colour without lifting the shade of your hair. It also allows your stylist to get an even colour from roots to ends.
There are a variety of shampoos with added toners to help prolong your colour such as; purple shampoo, which I will go through later. Toners are also great for the condition of your hair and add great shine and a softer, healthier finish to your hair.

A toner is not just for blondes. Toners can be used in every hair colour, but the length of time your toner lasts is down to you and your home care routine. An easy way of making your toner last longer is by using a professional quality shampoo and conditioner. We have a wide range of these in the salon so if you need any advice, just ask.
Less is more when it comes to toners and the less you wash your hair the longer your toner will last.


What is purple shampoo and what is it used for?

Purple shampoo is simply a shampoo that contains a toner. It is used for blonde hair and helps to eliminate those unwanted yellow tones by adding a cooler dimension to your hair. We recommend using a purple shampoo once or twice a week. If you like your hair cool and ashy you can leave your purple shampoo in for a few minutes and it can give your hair a really cool and lilac look depending on how strong your purple shampoo is.
We recommend the Joico purple shampoo which you can get from us here at The Style House.

Why does colour fade?

Your colour can fade for a number of reasons including:
Air Pollution
Hard Water
Sun Exposure
Not Using Professional Brand Shampoo & conditioners
So if you find that your colour has faded but it’s not time for your over all colour just yet, you can always pop in to the salon for a blowdry and add a toner to give your hair back some life before your next colour.

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