Why Choose Great Lengths Hair Extensions?

There are a number of hair extensions available in the market, but no brand has the dominance and reputation than that of Great Lengths. This is mainly due to their high quality product which is exceptional value for money and their sourcing process.

100% Natural Hair;

Not like other brands, Great Lengths do not who mix the human hair with synthetic hair. They use only 100% human hair which is 100% ethically sourced.
Great Lengths acquire hair in its natural, untreated form they begin to process it. When sourced the hair has no trace of cosmetic colour, chemicals or treatments which is a contributing factor to their high quality.

Indian Hair;

Indian hair is of the finest quality and is ethically sourced from temples. In these temples the hair has been religiously donated for thousands of years. Great Lengths makes a donation to the Indian temples which then goes back into the local communities. This donation then helps to resource new temples, medical services, schools and other charitable concerns. So when you opt for Great Lengths Hair Extensions you are supporting small Indian communities.

Indian hair also has the most similarities in structure to the widest hair types. Indian women rarely visit salons to have their hair processed, coloured or chemically treated which ensures it is of exceptional quality. Giving the brand an edge over their competitors.
This is not be the case for all hair extension companies and others source their hair from Italy and other European countries where women are more likely to process their hair, dampening the natural quality of the hair.

However, not all Indian hair sourced is of the highest of qualities and there are in fact 2 types of Indian hair; “The Good” and “The Bad”;

The Bad;

The Bad type of Indian hair is sourced by smaller companies from Indian women who donate their hair by gathering it from their brushes or when it naturally falls out. When this hair is collected, it is tangled, matted and all the cuticles are not going in the same direction. These companies then strip the hair of its natural cuticles in an acid bath, stripping it of its natural shine and luster. The Indian Hair is then coated with silicone to make it temporarily appear shiny. This effect will dissapear when the hair is washed resulting in a dull finish and greater risk of tangling.

The Good;

Great Lengths collect their hair from temples where it is willingly donated. Before the hair is cut it is braided so that all the cuticles are in the same direction so it keeps its natural shine and texture. The hair is then put through a de-colorization process called “The Osmosis Process”. This is unique to Great Lengths in that it takes place over a long period of time so that it does not compensate the hairs natural structure and condition.

Great Lengths are more expensive than other brands but the quality and longevity of the extensions outweigh the price. You are also helping to support small Indian communities when you purchase Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

The Style House is a registered Great Lengths Salon so you are in safe hands here. Our team are qualified in the consultation, application and removal of the hair extensions. You can book in for a FREE consultation by clicking here or calling the salon on  (021) 438 4716.

We hope you found this helpful and if you would like more info on the hair extensions you can visit the Great Lengths page on our website.

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